2016 Program

2016 Program

For detailed program information from the 2016 conference, please download the final conference program (15.08 MB PDF).

Wednesday, March 9

Lunch Plenary: Demographic Change in Minnesota—The Long Run has Become the Short Run

Session 1: Traffic Safety—Why Does It Matter to You and What's Being Done?

Session 2: CMGC Case Study—Highway 53 Relocation Project

Session 3: 3D Technologies—Case Studies in 3D Printing and Utility Coordination

Session 4: Bicycling—What's Next and How Do We Get There?

Session 5: Managing Environmental Risks

Session 6: The Future of Transportation Funding

Session 7: Pavement—So Much to Learn and Do

Session 8: The Economic Benefits of Transit

Session 9: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles—Opportunities and Lessons

Session 10: MnDOT's Asset Management—Partnering, Planning, and Implementing

Session 11: Fostering Equity and Inclusion in Transportation Project Delivery

Session 12: Local Projects—Challenges and Innovative Solutions

Session 13: Safety Planning Processes and Outcomes

Session 14: Mitigating the Impacts of Road Construction

Session 15: Big Data—How to Gather It and Make It Work for You

Session 17: Aviation in Minnesota—Future Connections and Investments

Session 18: Connecting Bikes and Transit

Thursday, March 10

Session 19: Diversity and Inclusion—Why It Matters to You

Session 20: Local Asset Management—Innovative Preservation Planning Efforts

Session 21: Not "Just" a Bus Stop Anymore

Session 22: Transportation Funding—What the New FAST Act Means for Minnesota

Session 23: High-Speed Freight Delivery and Future Plans

Session 24: Bridge Planning and Maintenance

Session 25: Everyday Equity—How Does It Relate to All Modes of Transportation?

Session 26: The Future of Transit

Session 27: Panel Discussion—Best Practices in Environmental Protection

Session 28: Panel Discussion—Project Delivery—Locals Leading the Way

Session 29: Innovative Public Engagement Tools

Session 30: Alternative Alternative Intersection Designs