2017 Program

2017 Program

For detailed program information from the 2017 conference, please download the final conference program (2.7 MB PDF).

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lunch Plenary Session: Preparing for Super Bowl 2018

Session 1: The Latest Public Engagement Projects

Session 2: New Bus Rapid Transit Buildouts

Session 3: New Bus Rapid Transit Buildouts

Session 4: Complete Streets for All Users

Session 5: Fresh Federal Funding Solutions

Session 7: UAV Uses and Updates

Session 8: Planning with Models

Session 10: Driverless Cars, Compelling Impacts

Session 12: Bridge Case Studies: ABC and CMGC

Session 13: Moving Forward with MnPASS

Session 14: Best Pavement Preservation Practices

Session 15: Economic Development Through Freight Improvements

Session 17: Innovative and Sustainable Partnerships for Connected and Automated Vehicles

Session 18: Applying 3D Technologies

Session 20: Quantifying Bike and Pedestrian Trends

Session 21: The Next Generation of Managed Lanes

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Morning Plenary Session: SMART Cities, SMART Mobility, ITS, and More

Session 22: Innovative Solutions to Funding Challenges

Session 23: Engaging the Future Transportation Workforce

Session 24: A Fresh Look at Transit Equity

Session 25: The Future of Automated and Connected Vehicles in Minnesota

Session 27: Modeling Improvements for Reliable Travel Times

Session 29: Customer Engagement During Construction

Session 30: Proven Intersection Designs for Conflict Reduction

Session 31: Data-Driven Congestion Solutions

Session 32: Pioneering Asset Management Surveys and Practices

Session 34: Highway 169: Stringless Paving and 3D Design

Session 35: More than a Bridge: Developing an International Border Crossing